Study of the Shape and Form of villages of Dungarpur District (Rajasthan)


Dr. Santosh Chharang, Research Scholar (PDF,UGC)
Department of Geography, University of Rajasthan, Jaipur, India.
Dr. Varun Binda, Assistant Professor
Department of Geography, National Defence Academy, Pune, India.


The external appearance of the village is related to several geographical and cultural factors. Water bodies, relief street, and other social amenities are mainly responsible for the arrangements of dwelling units. The morphogenesis of these settlements becomes interesting, as the village’s overall form leads to various related phenomena responsible for the evolution of the present form. The form and shape of the villages in the present study have been determined based on the primary data and statistical method of shape index calculation. In this research, the authors attempt to highlight the form and shape of the villages and factors responsible for them.