Study on Impulsive Buying Behaviour Among Consumers in Supermarket in Pune City


Akshay Diwate, MBA Marketing Student, Dr. Binod Sinha, Professor, Dr. Vimal Bhatt, Professor
Balaji Institute of Modern Management, Sri Balaji University, Tathawade, Wakad, Pune, India.


Impulse buying is an unplanned or no pre-shopping intensions of the buyer to purchase. The goal of the study is to analyse some of the factors driving consumers’ impulsive purchase behaviour in supermarkets and to check the relationship between these variables and the behaviour of impulsive purchasing. Variables derived from internal , external, demographic, and social viewpoints on the purchasing actions of customer impulses. primary research is conducted by using structured questionnaire to collect data from respondents. There are many reasons where consumers ends up buying impulsively. The findings of the study were indicate that dependent and independent factors have effect of impulse buying in the supermarket. The study is to get a whole idea about the consumer psychology and how external factors influence the purchase decision of consumers.