Substation Equipment Monitoring And Controllig Using IoT


Mr.Rajnikanth, Assistant professor
Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department, BMS Institute of Technology & Management, Bengaluru, India.


This project is based embedded system used for monitoring the voltage, current, and temperature and oil level of a transformer. Furthermore it is capable of recognizing the break downs caused due to overload, high temperature, over voltage and oil level intimation of transformer. The design generally consists of units, one in the substation unit, called as display unit, display units in the substation is where the voltage, current and temperature are monitored continuously by AVR microcontroller and is displayed through the display unit. The ultimate objective is to monitor the electrical parameters continuously and hence to guard the burning of transformer or power transformer due to the constraints such as overload, over temperature, input high voltage and double protection of CB operation by using the Internet of Things (IoT).