Suitable Site Selection for Solid Waste Disposal Points in Tiruchirappalli District Using Remote Sensing and GIS


Environmental Engineering Student, Dept. of Civil Engineering, PRIST UNIVERSITY, TIRUCHIRAPPALLI CAMPUS, India.

VIDUTHALAI T, Assistant Professor
Dept. of Civil Engineering, PRIST UNIVERSITY, MAIN CAMPUS, THANJAVUR, India.


In India the solid waste generation are 65 million tones in every year. In Tamil Nadu the solid waste generation are 13422 tonnes per day and Tiruchirappalli district the solid waste generation are 435 MT per day. All the solid wastes are dumped on the land surface which will causes air pollution, water and soil contamination. In this study on suitable site selection for waste disposal in Tiruchirappalli district. Application of Geospatial technology (Remote Sensing and GIS) for the selection of suitable site for waste disposal is based on the overlaying various thematic layers. The thematic layers include drainage, LU/LC (land use/land cover) geomorphology, geology, lineament, Digital Terrain Model (DTM) and road networks etc. The various thematic layers are created using ArcGIS software. New thematic map (new site selection) created based on the various thematic layaers overlayed in the ArcGIS software. ArcGIS software is an efficient tool for spatial relationship principles of connectivity, contiguity and overlay methods. The results from this study identified potential sites suitable for wastes disposal.