Survey on Plant Disease Detection and Applied Smart Irrigation System


Prof. M.M. Baig, Chitra Bhujade, Dikshita Tambe, Harshada Mohinkar, Pratiksha Tandekar, Vanashri mohurle
Scholar (3rd year) Department of Computer Science and Engineering J D College of Engineering and Management, Nagpur, India.


In today’s era farmers have been facing many problems related to climate change, more production of crops. some times plants can become weak by some diseases, and farmers can not be aware of their plant’s growth. To check on the internet of things, the concept helps us to interconnect physical objects equipped with sensing, actuating, computing power and thus lends them the capability to collaborate on a task in unison remaining connected to the internet termed as the IoT. It is placed on the farm field and detects the disease and gives notification to farmers related to the disease on plant leaves and also suggests how to overcome that problem. Farmer also can know about climate conditions before a weak or 2 or 3 days. Wireless sensor network (WSNs) acquisition device, environment user-interfaces, and low-cost monitoring system for detecting the various disease in agriculture and farming domain use innovative of automatic learning decision support are proposed to manage the disease detection system. thus, in this paper, future the need to use technology in the agriculture field is easy to know about the climate condition before one month and the growth or health of the plant.