Synthesis of Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles Using Moringa Oliefera Flower Extracts and Evaluation of its Antimicrobial Activity


S.Thenmozhi, M.Sc., (Ph.D)Scholar,
M.Sc(Psych).,M.Phil., Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Bharathidasan College of arts and science, Erode, India.


Nanotechnology is most dynamic fields of in material science it deals with matter having at least one dimension sized from 1-100nm. Plant mediated synthesis of nanoparticles is called green synthesis of nanoparticles. Nanoparticles were synthesized by various Biological and chemical method. In Biological method nanoparticle are synthesized by using plant extracts, enzymes and agricultural waste. Zinc Oxide is an organic compound with the formula Zno.. Widely used in materials and products rubber, Plastics, glass, food, ointments, etc. Moringa oleifera is a medium sized evergreen tree that is native Africa and Asia. Moringa oleifera belongs to the family moringaceae. Moringa have incrediable medicinal properties. It contains proteins, vitamins and minerals. It act as an antioxidant. Moringa is used for “tired blood” (anemia) arthritis and other joint pain (rheumatism) , diarrhea, epilepsy, fungal, viral and parasitic infections. The plant is endowed with immense secondary metabolites and astonishing nutritive properties. The different parts of the plants have already been exploited for the synthesis of various metal nanopaticles with valuble bioactive mechanisms. Silver nanoparticles from M.Oleifera have been reported to induce apoptosis of human cervical carcinoma cells. Phytochemicals present in the Moringa Oleifera plant. Phytochemicals were involved in the Anti fungal and Anti Bacterial activity. To study the characterization of synthesized Zinc oxide nanoparticles using FTIR, XRD and SEM. Structure and phase purity of the sample was identified from X Ray Diffraction patterns. The Scanning Electron Microscope analysis was used to determine the structure and particle size of the reaction products that were formed. Energy-Dispersive X-ray spectroscopy is an analytical technique used or the elemental analysis or chemical characterization of a sample. The green synthesis of nanoparticles were reported to had advancement over chemical and physical methods. Our proposed study aimed on synthesis of silver nanoparticles using extracts of Moringa Oleifera flower.