Systematic literature of Online Beauty Industry Service Management System


Mrs. Pranali G. Chavhan, Mrs. Snehal R. Rathi, Mr. V. N. Borawake, Mr. A. M. Godse, Mr. P. S. Daphal, Mr. H. S. Dalavi, Mr. D. R. Nikam
Vishwakarma Institute of Information Technology, Pune, India.


To achieve specific business goals in the most effective and efficient manner, "Management" is one of the most important aspects we have considered. Efficiency in management helps to complete tasks within a specific timeline for better results. This study investigates the impact of the internet and online services on the beauty industry and its management. Here we studied the different case studies related to the topic which contributes to the importance of online services. Our results show the limitations, solutions and also advantages over traditional methodology. An effort has been made by the researcher in this paper to review various essentials of beauty services, related technology, marketing approach, existing issues, and possible solutions by reviewing the available literature The results of the study can assist the beauty industry to evolve in a way that advances towards better management strategies for their services.