Systematic literature review for strategic change management


Bayan Mousa Ali Alzubi
National Electric Power company, Amman, Jordan.


This study aimed to identify and comprehensive review of studies related to strategic change management by databases published between 2000 and 2022, where the systematic review included twenty articles based on predefined criteria for selection. The reason why we need strategic change in the first place must be taken into consideration before we can discuss or manage this change. Is this because the business believes it has fallen behind its rivals or because they are forced to alter by new, innovative products? Who will recognize this need and be in charge of leading and carrying out this shift as it happens? Board of directors or CEOs? That being said, we sought to explore these concerns, expound on them, and also talk about other facts in this paper that might make it simpler and faster for organizations to implement strategic changes, like organizational structures, which are far more complex than they used to be.