The Aesthetic of The Title in The Poetry of Omar Al-Nass(1928 – 2013) (Applied analytical study)


Noha Ramadan Ali, Assistant Lecturer, Aref AbdSayel, Assistant Professor
College of Arts Anbar University, Iraq.


This paper aims to show the aesthetic of the title in the experience of the Syrian poet Omar Sharif, of the importance of its title. It is one of the most important textual topics that wildly contribute to highlighting the sings of the text and its clarity, as they are important tools in drawing its geographical space internally and externally, with what it is characterized by its suggestion and the advantage of engaging the sense of sight in constructing meaning and its visual dominance over the reader, the bright thresholds In poetry, it carries us to its broad spaces, and the textual thresholds represent a type of textual terrain that requires standing there to clarify the poetic space concepts, and the reader may not understand the text except through them, as they illuminate the text for the reader and direct his understanding to reach poetic aims.