The Approvals Al-Sameen Al-Halabi to Sibawayh, A Study an The Grammatical Origins


Zaidoon Fadhel Abid, Assistant Professor
Dept of Arabic Language, College of Education for Girl, University of Anbar, Iraq.


This paper examines the grammatical opinions that Al-Al-Sameen Al-Halabi agreed with in Sebwayh, in his famous interpretation (Al-Durr Al-Mawsun), and comparing these opinions with the grammatical principles established by the forerunners of the visual grammarians. Were the opinions adopted by Sibawayh acceptable to the imams of visual grammar, or were they not acceptable to them? Like the file, which was known to contradict many of Sibawayh’s views, in addition to that, Sibawayh had some opinions that were unique to them and disagreed with the majority of grammarians, and this research tries to find out the grammatical principles that the fatwoman of Aleppo adopted in his agreement with Sibawayh, such as transmission, hearing, measurement and others And inferring the Qur’anic evidence, poetic and prose evidence, to strengthen and support the opinions of Sibawayh and respond to those who object to these views. This research also presents these views to the advanced and backward grammarians of the Basri and Kufi doctrines to find out who agree to these opinions and those who contradict them, and to know the validity of these opinions without others.