The ascendancy of Consciousness on Artificial Intelligence with inevitable psychology.


Diksha M Rathod, Himatesh Cirikonda, Students
Woxsen University.


Talking about consciousness and Artificial Intelligence, like two sides of a coin, are seen together but are not together. When combined it becomes a mastery that can take over the world. Consciousness is still been not defined by any researcher or scientist. Heuristically, we know that Artificial Intelligence is booming and technology being ever fastest-growing field, but with this, there are many factors which are been neglected and can cause some drastic changes and severe problems to mankind. Thinking that Artificial Intelligence is not beyond humans, there are times where things are neglected but the fact that AI is showing prominent signs that it has become far more superior than what it has been trained and tested on. Often there are some series or patterns of outputs observed, which were not been trained to the machine but were formed by the algorithm matches might be difficult to understand for humans as well. This paper discusses the thoughts which are alive in everyone’s brain but are unanswered and are finding a path to reach out a standard solution. Aspects of society being the oldest of one, which was formed by humans. How will it be if the “SOCIETY” is seen in the world lead by the robots becoming dominant and ruling over humans? Can the consciousness which is still abstract or fugitively subjective in humans work similarly in robots as it is felt within us? If it ever will, Would humans live their lives with freedom? Or will it be minimal and not according to themselves but according to the robots? Is it right to expound it in one word as Singularity? As it is still an unknown entity but also a toss of ambiguity. Researchers are quite near to develop self-learning robots, but hidden patterns of them communicating amongst themselves speculate more perplexed theories which are making them more complex for scientists and researchers. Deep-down significantly knowing that things are moving in a direction which are casting the risk factors but also if you flip and see the other side, it shows the positive results and the growth of Intelligence which is helping each individual to grow in their way.