The behavioral approach of Imam al- Nawawy in his book al Menhaj


Dr. Mohammad Owayi’dJabr,  Professor, Hani Miflih Hanshal, Assistant Instructor
Iraq-University Of Anbar, College Of Education and Humanities, Iraq.


The idea of the research is summarized by explaining the behavioral approach of Imam Al-Nawawi, may God have mercy on him, in his book The Curriculum of the students. It was not limited to words and jurisprudence only, but enriched his book with greater benefits and the arts of science and knowledge .This was evidenced by his method of shortening the book, its magnificence, and exaggeration of clarification, which made it easy for beginners as well as students who are indispensable to knowledge. In addition to the precious opinions included in the book, which are a behavioral beacon for the seeker of knowledge, explaining the importance of sincerity, evoking intent and impartiality in seeking knowledge for the disciple and defaming the offender who wanted to do so other than the face of God. and also a number of good manners and virtuous behavior were mentioned via his selection of terms in gentle formulas indicating the preponderance between the different sayings in the doctrine. These reasons and this behavior made Imam al-Nawawi an editor of the Shafi’i school of thought until the work of the jurists settled on what he believed and chose.