The Choice in Obligatory Judgment by the Fundamentalists


Atheer Awwad Jamal Abd Al-Fattah Al-Jumaili, Researcher
Imam Al-Azam College – University / Anbar, Iraq.
Muzhar Shaaban Mansi Hammadi Al-Fahdawi, Researcher
Anbar Provincial Education Directorate, Iraq.


The current study aimed to demonstrate the importance of knowing Islamic law judgment. There is an importance for knowing the Islamic law by people such as knowing what is obligatory, imposed, permissible, reprehensible, and referred matters. The fundamentalists mentioned that the obligatoryIslamic law in its sections without detailing them for each section. I chose one of these sections, which is the optional obligatory section. In order to clarify and detail its merits, I studied the subject in a thorough study. It is known that it is a subject of disagreement between the fundamentalists, whether it is synonymous with the obligation or is it analogous to it, and the difference in its parts and divisions. Jurisprudence branches in applications of the various issues mentioned in my topic.