The Effect of Half and Total Castration on Some Blood Parameters of Iraqi Male Sheep


Ahmed Jawad Al-Yaseri, Alaa Jasim Abdul-Saheb
Animal Production Department, College of Agriculture, Al-Muthanna University, Iraq.


The current study was conducted in the Postgraduate Laboratory, Department of Animal Production, College of Agriculture, Al-Muthanna University, from 9/20/2019 to 4/20/2020, to determine the effect of total castration with the administration of GnRH replacement hormone and half- castration with the administration of the replacement hormone GnRH in blood standards for Iraqi male sheep. A total of 30 male lambs of weaning age (three months) were used, placed at the animal field, the first agricultural research and experiments station, College of Agriculture, Al-Muthanna University. The results showed significant differences (P≤0.05) of blood parameters, there was a significant differences appeared in the control group with age and weeks of study, whereas, the group of fully castrated lambs with added GnRH T2 and T3 hormones significantly (P≤0.05) outperformed the other of the parameters in some blood parameters. Next, castrated lambs were treated with additional GnRH T4 and T5 hormones, on the fifth treatment with added GnRH hormone only T6 and on the control group T1, the results also showed that there were no significant differences in the first week of the study, then the significant differences began to appear from the second week until the end of the experiment in the twelfth week.