The effect of the ability to be able to perform Hajj ( in light of the Corona pandemic ) between performance and obligation


A . M . D . Moaz Abdul-Alim Abdul Rahman
Department of Jurisprudence, College of Islamic Sciences, Anbar University, Iraq.


The pilgrimage to the Sacred House of God is one of the five pillars in which the rituals of Islam do not exist except by it, and God Almighty has imposed it on this nation and stipulated its obligation and performance of conditions, the most important of which are Islam, reason, maturity, ability and freedom. The jurists have agreed that the physical integrity of the diseases and disabilities that impede the performance of the Hajj is a condition for it being obligatory. If all the conditions of obligation are found in a person but he is temporarily sick or suffering from a permanent disability, or an elderly person who cannot ride, then he is not obliged to perform the Hajj himself by agreement. There is no doubt that performing Hajj with its pillars, duties, and Sunnahs requires direct contact between large groups of people, and in light of the Corona pandemic, which is spreading widely throughout the world today, doctors agree that one of the reasons that lead to the rapid spread of this pandemic is gathering and crowding, and this may lead to Many casualties and may cause harm to them, so what is the ruling on Hajj this year in light of the existence of this general epidemic that has swept the entire world ? It is well known that the Muslim jurists (may God have mercy on the) did not leave a stray or an incoming unless they dealt with research and reasoning, discussion and weighting, and by looking at the sayings of the jurists about the conditions of Hajj , and in this research I try to shed light on the condition of being able to perform Hajj is it a condition of the origin of the obligation Hajj or a condition for performance, and for each one of them adopt rulings that differ from the other . Therefore, the research plan was intended to be divided into three sections: The first sections:Defining arguments, its pillars, duties, and some of its conditions. The second sections:the ability to be able) in light of the existence of the Corona pandemic, is it a condition of the origin of the obligation of Hajj or a condition for performance? The third sections: Fatwas of the Fiqh Councils regarding this year’s Hajj. The conclusion sums the findings of the paper. The conclusion sums up the finding of the paper. Allah is the arbiter of success.