The Electronic Management of Information and its Role in Reducing the Pressures of Work- Central Library of the University of Anbar as a Model


Dr. Jinan Mohammed Abbas, Lecturer
Department of Media- College of Arts- University of Anbar- Iraq.


The electronic management of information considers one of the necessary logistic potentials required for the achievement of work in the modern libraries for its role in reducing effort and time as well as the pressure of work, therefore; this study aimed at assessing the awareness of the workers in the University of Anbar library with the special requirements of applying this system and the extent of their perception and familiarity with all points related to it. I also discussed the viewpoint of the workers towards the significance of its application and its role in simplifying the ways used in the library and solving the problems in addition to shed light on the most important material and administrative obstacles which confront its application in the library and demonstrated the knowledge of the workers in the library with the basics of applying this system and its great benefits in reducing the pressure of work and has showed that the most important obstacles of its application is the scarcity of the proper planning.