The experimental investigation of pipes system array inside the pressurized cylindrical container in various orientations


Hayam Majeed Esmaeel, Ammar A. Badai, Majid H. Majeed
The Baghdad engineering technical college The Midland Technical University Baghdad- Iraq.


The experimental investigation of natural convection analysis in pressurized containers has been successfully addressed fusing four identical circular rectangle pipes. The pressurized tank of 0.3 m diameter and 0.45 m height within 0.43 m height and 0.025 m side length interior square pipes are used to obtain the present investigation. Various parameters are used such as gauge pressure (0.5-1 bar), pipes Ra configurations and enclosure orientations. The results are Nusselt number for cold and hot sides. Both sides has reverse response, the parametric analysis shows the ordinary behavior according to gravity and pressure forces interaction. The optimum conditions is observed when horizontal enclosure of top pipe in one bar is applied where the heat transfer improvement is 24 % approximately.