The Grammatical Defects of Ibn Atiyah AL-Andalusi in AL-Muhrrar AL-Wajez on AL-Frra’a


ZAIDOON FADHEL ABID, Assistant Professor
Dept of Arabic Language, College of  Education for Girl, University of Anbar, Iraq.


This research studies an important phenomenon in Arabic grammar, which became famous among advanced and late grammarians, namely, the phenomenon of (grammatical intricacies), and by it I mean the grammatical tracings and objections that the grammarians cited in a specific grammar of the advanced or late in order to weaken his opinion and strengthen other opinions for a specific cause related to grammatical origins or meaning To whom the witness will turn to, and they base in proving the validity of their attitudes on hearing, analogy, and citing the Qur’anic and poetic evidence in addition to the intended meaning. This study was devoted to the intentions of Ibn Atiyah al-Andalusi (d.546 AH) The book (The Meanings of the Qur’an for Furs) is one of the most important sources of Ibn Atiyah in his interpretation, and these sockets came in multiple formulas and expressions, so we find Ibn Atiyah in his entries mentioning the furs and then declaring that he is (wrong, weak, or corrupt, or confused) and other expressions Which this research enumerated, extracted, and discussed with other opinions, whether these opinions were for the advanced or late grammarians, to find out the validity of Ibn Atiyah’s stances and their strength or weakness.