The Impact of NLP on Software Testing


Sai Deepak Reddy Konreddy, Student
Woxsen University.


The number of applications being built and deployed everyday are increasing by leaps and bounds. To ensure the best user/client experience, the application needs to be free of bugs and other service issues. This marks the importance of testing phase in application development and deployment phase. Basically, testing is dissected into couple of parts being Manual Testing and Automation Testing. Manual testing, which is usually, an individual tester is given software guidance to execute. The tester would post the findings as “passed” or “failed” as per the guidance. But this kind of testing is very costly and time taking process. To eliminate these short comings, automation testing was introduced but it had very little scope and applications are limited. Now, that Artificial Intelligence has been foraying into many domains and has been showing significant impact over those domains. The core principles of Natural Language Processing that can be used in Software Testing are discussed in this paper. It also provides a glimpse at how Natural Language Processing and Software Testing will evolve in the future. Here we focus mainly on test case prioritization, predicting manual test case failure and generation of test cases from requirements utilizing NLP. The research indicates that NLP will improve software testing outcomes, and NLP-based testing will usher in a coming age of software testers work in the not-too-distant times.