The Impact of Terrorism on US Policy Toward Egypt 1993-2000


Ahmed NiamaJouda  Al-Dulaimi, Dr. KahlanKadom, Professor


This research that is entitled (The Impact of Terrorism on US Policy Toward Egypt 1993-2000) aims to shed light on the changes that occurred in the US policy towards Egypt during the study period, as a result of terrorist activities and operations carried out by Egyptian armed organizations and groups with an Islamic fundamentalist background or Extremism against American interests, whether in Egypt or in Egypt’s regional neighborhood or on American soil during the era of the administrations of US President Bill Clinton and Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, and monitoring the reactions that resulted from the most prominent of these violent activities of terrorist organizations by the United States of America or the Egyptian government . The research consists of a preface and three parts. In the introduction wedealt briefly with the origins and the causes of the formation armed Islamic organizations in the 1970s, the extremist organizations that departed from them, and the role of the United States and Egypt in their emergence. While the second part dealt with the role of the United States and Egypt in the confrontation with these organizations and the policy of the two countries towards political Islam, while the third and last partmonopolized by the statement of the impact of the exceptionalhandover of Islamist prisoners by agents ofthe United States to Egypt to investigate with them, in the escalation of armed attacks targeting the United States and its interests.