The Impact of Using Celebrities in Advertising on the Purchasing Behavior of Consumers /Analytical Study about Consumers Opinions. Sample from Baghdad


Alaa Nabeel Al-Heali
Market Research and Consumer Protection Center / University of Baghdad, Iraq.


The study aimed to identify the effect of the use of celebrities in advertisements on the purchasing behavior of consumers, and to achieve the research objectives, a questionnaire consisting of three axes was used. The first includes the personal data of the sample (gender, age, academic achievement, place of residence), while the second axis includes criteria for the use of celebrities in Ads, while the third axis includes the consumer purchasing behavior variable, and the validity of the tool was verified using the validity of the arbitrators, data were analyzed using SAS statistical program. The study concluded that there is a significant correlation between the use of celebrities in advertisements and the purchasing behavior of consumers. There is a significant effect of the independent variable (the use of celebrities in advertisements in terms of (credibility, attractiveness, vector meanings)) on the dependent variable (the purchasing behavior of consumers).The study recommends a set of recommendations, including the need to pay attention to the selection of celebrities who meet the basic criteria in terms of credibility, attractiveness and their ability to convey the necessary information from the product, in addition to pay attention to the content of the advertisement in terms of credibility and compatibility with the culture of consumers in order to push them to trust in the advertising message.