The interest considered in the Holy Quran -An Empirical Study


Moatamad Saeb Dally Ibraheem Al-Jaafar, Professor
Department of Quartic Sciences – explanation, College of Basic Education, Al-Anbar University, Iraq.


Praise be to God who revealed the Qur’an to be the best evidence for the worlds, and made his Sharia based on the principle of interests as evidence, and he defended all corruption in every way and way, and blessings and peace be upon the honorable master, and the Holy and seal prophet, Muhammad bin Abdullah who brought the arbitrator and the principal in the revelation, and God be pleased with the family The house of the Prophet, the leading imams, and the great gentlemen, who were the best guides to the religion of God and the best evidence, and may God be pleased with his companions, the suns of knowledge in the darkness of the long night, and the torches of guidance for those who wanted to follow the path of scholars and reverence, but after: The Holy Qur’an came with a great judgment and great lessons of value, for it is the effective medicine for those who want to be freed from the disease of ignorance, and it is the net resource for those who wanted to quench from the eyes of knowledge. The Sharia, which is the basis for wisdom in the area of assignment, for this purpose I wanted to explore the depths of his long sea, and take out its pearls from its seashell for the world and the common people, so I wrote this research and made it tagged with (the considered interest in the Holy Qur’an – an applied study), and I made this research contain an introduction And two studies, under each topic have several demands, and it is as follows.