The Issue of Terrorism: The Prospect of Security in South Asia


Shaibal Das, Research Scholar
Deparment of Political Science Assam University, Silchar.


South Asia was under the colonial regime for a long period of time and it is a very diverse and unique region. South Asia has been plagued by terrorism for so many years. Due to terrorism, South Asia has suffered economically as well as politically and it has strained the relationship between many countries. Almost all the countries of South Asia are the sufferers of this threat and therefore a number of conventions and frameworks have been formulated to eradicate this. Terrorism is a challenge for all and a good cooperation among all the stakeholders is required in this regard. SAARC as a regional organization of South Asia has a lot of responsibility in this issue. Since its inception, SAARC has done various things but due to the political differences between the members it has failed to evolve an effective strategy. It has also failed to implement its guidelines and conventions on the ground and therefore a reform in SAARC is very necessary. To make South Asia a terror free region, all the countries should join hands and should work collectively. They should work by removing their political differences because a unified and strong SAARC will help South Asia in numerous ways and it will bring hope for the betterment of this region in all the possible ways. In this regard the present paper tries to examine the issue of terrorism and the prospect of security in South Asia.