The Reality and Prospects of Mobile Banking in Algerian Public Banks -Studying the Experience of the National Bank of Algeria and the Local Development Bank-


Dr Souad CHAABNIA, Lecturer Pofessor, Dr Assia SAADANE, Lecturer Pofessor, Dr Saliha AMARI, Lecturer Pofessor
Department of ECONOMICS, 8 Mai 1945 University , Guelma, Algeria.


This study reveals the reality and prospects of the mobile banking service in Algeria. In order to achieve the study goal, the descriptive analytical method and the case study method were used. The study on the National Bank of Algeria (BNA) and the Local Development Bank (BDL) has concluded that both banks provide many banking services via the mobile phone at varying rates. Despite the recent experience in each of them, they have benefited from the widespread use of the mobile phone. The study concluded that most Algerian banks, like the rest of the world's banks, have realized the great importance of mobile banking. Almost banks have adopted this process. However, the experience of Algerian banks in this field remains modest because of the technical, security and cultural reasons related to the banking customer.