The Relationship of the Aflatoxin in the Diet on Rat Liver Tissue


Dr. Saba Thamer Mosa
Department of Internal and Preventive Veterinary Medicine, College of Veterinary Medicine, Baghdad University, Baghdad, Iraq.


Aflatoxins are produced by certain strains of fungi under warm, humid conditions during the growth of plants in the field and during storage of plant products (grains, legumes, nuts) and also they grow on some foodstuffs and animal feed. They are natural metabolism byproducts produced by molds and are considered one of the most dangerous compounds that cause carcinogenicity. If a person or animal consumes a food containing aflatoxin, they are vulnerable to many health problems. It has been found that the most dangerous aflatoxin is aflatoxin B1 because it works on cellular membranes as it inhibits RNA synthesis and is considered one of the factors that cause mutations due to its effect on DNA and also has an effect on the liver and is considered one of the strongest carcinogen compounds, which leads to the occurrence of tumors in the liver in case It is present in food at concentrations of 10 ppb. It was also found to have an immunosupressive effect on the body’s immune system.