The Role of the International and Regional Organizations in Reconstructing Iraqi Libraries in the Liberated Cities from Daaish (ISIS) Terrorist Organization


Dr. Jinan Mohammed Abbas Al-Tmemi
University of Anbar- College of Arts, Iraq.                            
Dr. Imad Mutair Al-Shemri
Al-Mustansiriyah University, Iraq.


The special protection of the cultural property is considered one of the protections afforded by the international law for the World Cultural Heritage in the period of the armed conflict (1). The Iraqi cities that were ravaged by Daaish gangs in 2014 AD had known over the centuries with its libraries rich with the books of different languages, and these gangs burned the libraries and books. After regaining the Iraqi cities from Daaish, several campaigns were organized to refill the roofs of the central libraries with the books and manuscripts, where the response was great by governmental and civil parties, Universities, individuals and civil organizations. This research paper tries to investigate the role played by the international and regional organization and the governments of the World States to reconstruct the library of the University of Mousl and the points of the success and the shortcomings in this field.