The significance of the triple verb “sense” and the quadruple verb “feel” are comparative morphological study between linguists and modernists


Dr. Talib Hameid Khalaf
College of Physical Education, University of Al-Anbar, Iraq.


Linguists differentiate between the meaning of the triple verb “sense” and the meaning of the quadruple verb “feel”, the first verb means in the origin of his linguistic status of murder, and the second verb in the origin of his linguistic status means sense and feeling, and this is the steady famous in the language that each word has its original significance, and there is no equality In their significance, and some linguists pointed out that they may not be equal in significance, and promised to use in one sense slang language is not fluent, but we found many linguists equate between the significance of the sense, in addition to this has authorized the explanation of the Hadith Sharif equally in the indication In hadiths and atha The use of the triple verb “sense” in the sense of poetry and sense, which are many conversations and proved correct, there is no justification in its response, which is correct may not be described this language as slang, but the language of eloquent or a second level of standard Mandarin used by non-public Arabs, and the most profound language The famous that distinguishes between their significance because it is the language of the Koran and the words of the Arabs.