The sovereignty of Artificial Intelligence over Human Ethics and Heedfulness


Sunil Varma Mudundi, Tejaswi Pasumathy, Post graduation scholar
School of Business, Woxsen University, Telangana, India.
Dr. Raul Villamarin Roudriguez, Pro Vice Chancellor
Woxsen University, Telangana, India.


Artificial Intelligence in present days is in extreme growth. We see AI in almost every field in work today. Artificial Intelligence is being introduced in crucial roles like recruiting, Law enforcement and in the Military. To be involved in such crucial roles, it needs lots of trusts and scientific evaluation. With the evolution of artificial intelligence, automatic machines are in a speed run in this decade. Developing a machine/robot with a set of tools/programs will technically sort of some of the challenges. But the problem arises when we completely depend on robots/machines. Artificial intelligence this fast-growing technology will be very helpful when we take help from it for just primary needs like face detection, sensor-controllers, bill counters…etc. But we face real challenges when we involve with decision making, critical thinking…etc. In mere future, automated machines are going to replace many positions of humans. Many firms from small to big are opting for Autonomous means just to make their work simpler and efficient. Using a machine gives more accurate results and outputs in simulated time. As technology is developing fast, they should be developed as per societal rules and conditions. Scientists and analysts predict that singularity in AI can be achieved by 2047. Ray Kurzweil, Director of Technology at Google predicted that AI may achieve singularity in 2047. We all saw the DRDO invention on autonomous fighting drones. They operate without any human assistance. They evaluate target type, its features and eliminate them based on edge detection techniques using computer vision. AI is also into recruiting people for companies. Some companies started using AI Recruiter to evaluate the big pool of applications and select efficient ones into the industry. This is possible through computer vision and machine learning algorithms. In recent times AI is being used as a suggestion tool for judgement too. Apart from all these advancements, some malicious scenarios may affect humankind. When AI is used in the wrong way many lives will fall in danger. Collecting all good and evil from past experiences is it possible to feed a machine to work autonomously. As many philosophers and educated people kept some set of guidelines in society is it practically possible to follow when AI achieves singularity and when we talk about the neural networking of human. They have good decision-making skills, critical thinking…etc. We will briefly discuss the ethics and AI robots / Machines that involve consciousness and cognitive abilities. In this upgrading technological world, AI is ruling a maximum number of operations. So, we will discuss how can ethics be followed. How can we balance ethics and technology in both phases.We will deep dive into some of these interesting areas in this article.