The Transformation Of Marketing By Ai


K V Bhanu Kiran, Student
School of Business, Woxsen University, Telangana, India.


From the ages, marketing has been a tough nut to crack as to how thoughtful to deal with the customer’s needs and to reach the specified products to them. Marketing is a vast area to deal with which is a crucial part of any business. In this decade we have a significant innovation to manage such issues effectively, which is Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence is quite possibly the most brilliant region of science today and can undoubtedly be utilized in the acts of marketing. Platforms for multimedia (social networks, news, images, video, Newsletters, infographics, podcasts, blogs, e-books.) are no longer accessible today are not just for the contact between users or users and companies, but also for companies to guide all aspects of business, collect and identify data of paramount importance. The artificial intelligence marketing technique has become climacteric for companies to find consumer conduct and needs. In this paper, I will walk you through the artificial intelligence marketing technique which transformed marketing into a whole new level. By the end of this paper, you will have a brief idea of how marketing has changed by knowing consumer conduct and needs using artificial intelligence.