The Verb “halaka” and other Similar Forms in the Holy Quran: A Semantic Study


Ammar Sabaar Karim, Ph.D, Assistant Professor
Department of Arabic, College of Education for Humanities, University of Anbar, Iraq.
Dr. Haleam Hammad Suleman, Professor
College of Basic Education-Haditha, University of Anbar, Iraq.


The Holy Quran is a Sacred Book. It has so many miracles that please all those who consider and study them. The linguistic side of the Holy Quran is one of these miracles. Each word is put in its proper place that has a certain meaning that no other words can express. This study deals with the verb “halaka” and the other forms that have the same meaning which will be discussed later. This verb is mentioned in sixty-eight places. It has different meanings depending on the context like blasphemy, spending, leaving, winning, etc. As for the other forms similar to “halaka”, they are verbs like decayed, destroyed, spoiled, demolished, perished, defeated, plastered, messed, exterminated, and convulsed. All these verbs have been used in the Holy Quran to give meaning closer to the verb “halaka”. AndPraise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds.