Thermal performance of (organic and inorganic) multi PCM Encapsulated systems


Omar Yaseen Naife, Prof. Dr. Fawziea M. Hussien, Prof. Dr. Johain J. Faraj
Middle Technical University Engineering Technical College-Baghdad, Baghdad Iraq.


The storing of energy is the imprisonment of energy at one time to use the similar for another time. This review paper treats with the approaches of thermal energy storage and its implementations in the neighborhood of solar water heating schemes in addition to scheme of solar air heating and the materials utilized to preserve that thermal energy efficiently. This paper delivers the theoretical information of appropriate and unwanted features of various phase change materials PCMs. The paper includes several approaches of thermal energy storage as, latent heat storage, sensible heat storage and thermo-chemical energy storage, concentrating mostly on (PCMs) as an arrangement of appropriate solution for usage of energy to fill the hole amid deliver and request to develop the effectiveness of energy of a scheme. Theoretical details have been shown in the paper. The numerical results show the temperature contour increases when the time of charging process increases, and the temperature contour decreases when the time of discharging process increases.