Thermodynamic Analysis of a High Pressure Boiler, Control Instrumentation Aspects, Blowdown Benefits & Cost Economic Analysis of a Steam Turbine based Cogeneration Plant


K B Vinay, S A Mohan Krishna, G V Naveen Prakash, K S Ravi, Khalid Imran
Department of Mechanical Engineering, VVCE, Mysuru, India.


he mammoth development in the industries and sector of automobile engineering has elevated the socio-economic eminence of a country. This development is majorly attributed to the energy and its profile. In view of this continuous and reliable energy have become the key issue and this calls for a powerful qualitative approach with regard to energy and its effective exploitation. The conservative mode of generation of power and source to the customer is not operative in that only about one third of the principal energy nourished to the power plant is essentially made accessible to the user in the form of electricity. This necessitates additional techniques or methods to satisfy the energy requirement. Cogeneration plant is one of very operative and prevalent energy generating methods attaining prominence in the topical years. Cogeneration offers a extensive assortment of know-hows for presentation in innumerable dominions of fiscal activities. The inclusive efficacy of energy procedure in cogeneration approach can be approximately 85 per cent and above in particular circumstances.In this paper, the thermodynamic aspects of a high pressure boiler and principles of energy auditing have been discussed.