Time Series Analysis: An Application of SARIMA Model in General Trade to Forecast Sales


Ankita Vaswani, PGDM Scholar, Dr. Poorna Chandra Prasad, Associate Professor- Marketing, Dr. Prafulla Kumar Padhi, Assistant Professor- Marketing
Pune Institute of Business Management (PIBM), Gut No. 605/1, Lavasa Road, Pirangut, Mulsi, Paud Road, Pune-412115, India.


General Trade is an essential piece of the FMCG business, as it assists with guaranteeing that items are accessible to customers in an ideal and productive way. Time Series (SARIMA) model is a significant model to help for forecasting the sales of Wholesale trade to Retail trade. To study the SARIMA model Time Series Approach, which helps to forecast the sales of Wholesale trade to Retail trade. A large data from a particular city to be prejudicated in the analysis of ARIMA, SARIMA models to make the analysis accurate abide in similar research. 48 data and 132 data are fitted to different sales forecasting models, whereas the SARIMA model is found best suitable model to forecast the sales forecasting of retail store sales by the wholesalers as well as the retailers also. The future scope of study aligns with the quality-seasonal effect on demand of retail trade.