To Analyze the Effect of Advertisement and Sales Promotion on Consumer Buying Behaviour Towards Online Grocery Shopping Platform at Pune


Piyush Kishor Shivankar
BIMM Sri Balaji Society, Pune, India.


Fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) is the fourth largest segment in Indian economy and internet is playing a big role to reinforce that growth. The way of retailing groceries is changing from general brick and mortar to new e-retailing platforms.A buyer is not concerned about the timings or particular location of the stores; buyer can be active at essentially all the time and can buy anything from anywhere. A huge percentage of the population today is internet literate, with increase in online literacy the outlook of online marketing too is increasing. These platforms use various ways to promote their e-platforms to attract the potential customer, advertisement and promotional offers have big hand in it. This study tries to gauge the effect of these advertisement and sales promotion. Along with that, study also identifies which gender and income bracket mostly shop grocery online.