To Enhance Efficiency in Automated Palletization Systems with Wireless Communication


Meeth Jain, Dr. CH Renu Madhavi, Associate professor,
Department of EIE, RV College of Engineering, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India.


This review paper examines the enhancement of automated palletizing systems by integrating wireless communication modules, focusing on a detailed functional analysis of an automatic palletizing and wrapping line for Tetra pack carton conveying. Initially using wired Murr Electronic modules, the system is assessed for operational scope, specifications, and sequence of operation, aiming to transition to a wireless setup for benefits like improved flexibility, reduced maintenance, and enhanced scalability. The study compares the existing wired Murr modules with proposed SMC wireless modules, analyzing control architecture, line description, and module functions. It details system specifications, including case and pallet details, utility requirements, and operational sequences. The transition methodology covers conceptualization, design, engineering, testing, and commissioning, emphasizing cycle time analysis and bill of materials preparation. Additionally, the research evaluates safety aspects, power requirements, and operational modes in the context of wireless communication, aiming to provide insights into the advantages of wireless communication modules in enhancing system efficiency, flexibility, and performance in industrial automation.