To Evaluate Anthelmintic Activity of Polyherbal Syrup on Earthworm


Vishakha Patil, Sameenabanu Sanadi,Aaditya Sangale, Vilas Sarade
Students, Sinhgad College Of Pharmacy ,Vadgaon ,Pune, India.
Divya Thite
Ass.Prof. Sinhgad College Of Pharmacy,Vadgaon,Pune, India.


Helminthiasis is One of the most common diseases in the world, particularly in tropical nations, is the condition brought on by worm infestation. Anthelmintic is a drug that kills or removes gastrointestinal worms. "Dewormer" or "wormer" are the more popular names. Anthelmintics are also known as parasiticides, endectocides, nematodicides, parasitic, and drenches.The current investigation was carried out with the aim to evaluate the anthelmintic activity of an herbal formulation. The Hydroalcoholic extracts of the leaves of Aegle Marmelos (Rutaceae) ,Murraya Koenigii (Rutaceae),flower buds of Eugenia caryophyllus (Myrtaceae),were screened for anthelmintic activity using the adult earthworm Pheritima posthuma. The herbs were coarsely powdered and extracted in hydroalcoholic solution. These extracts were first screened for their anthelmintic activity and then formulating herbal syrup which was again evaluated for its anthelmintic potential. Finally,Aegle marmelos and murraya koenigii leaves (200 mg and 400 mg) and clove (0.7 mg) were combined to make a herbal syrup, and 200 mg and 400mg of this combination paralysed earthworms. substantial death occurs at 200mg at 4 min 09 sec in aegle marmelos and 3min 10 sec in murraya koenigii and 400 mg at 4 min 3 sec in aegle marmelos and 3 minutes, 4 murraya koenigii and 400 mg.Albendazole suspension was used as standard during both the screening and evaluation like density, specific gravity, pH, organoleptic characteristics.