To Study and Analyze Smartphone Market Disruption with The Rollout of 5G Networks in India


Aniket Shiledar
Sri Balaji University Pune, Maharashtra, India.


Smartphones are one of the important forms of gadget to boost the digital revolution in India. Smartphone sales have increased excessively over the last decade, both in terms volume and value. India is the second largest smartphone market globally, next only to china. In today’s digital world smartphones have established themselves as the essential need of human life. Smartphones have differentiated themselves in both personal and professional life of human beings. Many researchers have carried out research on various aspects of smartphones such as penetration strategies, market analysis, risk factors and consumer behavior towards certain aspects of smartphones. Similarly, this research will focus on disruption of smartphone market with the roll out of 5G networks and 5G handsets. In this research we will be also studying the buying behavior of customers with the rollout of 5G enabled handsets and technology. Will the Indian customers consider 5G as a decision-making factor in purchasing a smartphone or will they stick with the 4G handsets is what we are going to cover in this research. The purpose of this research is to study the overall smartphone market with strong emphasis towards buying behavior of customers with the roll out of 5G enabled handsets and how this 5G technology is affecting the buying behavior of Indian customers when they purchase a new smartphone. The research design consists of using both primary as well as secondary data. Collection of primary data is done with the help of effective and efficient questionnaire. Secondary data is collected from various technology-based articles and websites. After collecting and analyzing data from the respondents we have calculated the overall responses with the help of statistical tools. After interpretation of statistical data, we have concluded the overall buying behavior of customers towards 5G smartphone market and how 5G has become one of the important parameters in choosing next smartphone.