To Study the Consumer Behaviour in Buying Domestic Air Conditioners in Pune City


Vinay Rajput
Balaji Institute of Modern Management, Sri Balaji Society, Maharashtra, India.


India is one of fast growingemerging economy in the world therefore per capita income is also increasing. India’s climate is consider as hot tropical , thus the buying of air conditioner is common in our country. So the main aim is to study the consumer behaviour and perception in buying domestic air conditioners in pune city. So I am conducting research in order to find out what factors are influencing the purchase decision of customers.The aim of the study is to know about the factors influencing consumer behaviour of purchase of Air Conditioners.230 responses are taken through questionnaire throughout the pune city. Research shows that under the significance level (i.e. p=0.05), whether the following factors influences the consumer buying behaviour of Air Conditioners in a household in pune city:(1) types of air conditioners, (2) Price of AC, (3) promotional offers (4) the preferred brands of AC, (5) ISEER rating (6) star rating, (7) energy efficiency.The following research will be based on convenience Sampling and would be descriptive in nature.