To Study the Impact of Digital Advertising of Nykaa on Consumer Purchase Decision in Pune Region


Ms. Neha Popalghat
BIMM, Sri Balaji University, Pune, India.


The present research report emphases on studying the impact of digital advertising of Nykaa on consumer purchasing decisions, that raises the consumers’ intentions towards the product and buying decisions. The buying behaviour is strongly influenced by the image of the product that is made by the advertisers. Advertisers are expected to shift their focus and pay millions in digital advertising within the coming years than TV, print ads and another traditional advertising media. Online shopping is a growing trend in India and therefore the numbers of each sellers and consumers are increasing daily by large percentages. India’s total online sales figure is estimated to reach the US $100 billion by 2021. With the rise in technology, the internet is changing into an important one stop point for consumers in finding most of their wants. Be it communication, entertainment, data search or shopping, internet is a cure for all their necessities. According to the global networking giant Cisco, Digital transformation can take India’s web users from 373 million (28% of population) in 2016 to 829 million (59% of the Indian population) in 2022. This clearly demonstrates that India is growing quick and people are getting habitual of using the internet because the evolution of human society, the improvement in Communication processes and Digital Convergence open up new ways of opportunities and challenges for marketing. Subsequently, the internet has affected ahead to play a major role within the consumer decision making process. Several consumers are online on a daily basis for their personal & official work, however do they notice the ads, banners displayed on that webpage and most significant thing is to examine what their recall value is. This study investigates the impact of Digital advertising on consumer purchasing decisions by conducting a survey.