Tools, Techniques & Advancements in OMICS Technology


Rahul Kumar, Bina Gidwani,
Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry & Analysis, Columbia Institute of Pharmacy, Raipur Chhattisgarh, India.
Sagar Sahu,
Department of Pharmaceutics, Columbia Institute of Pharmacy, Raipur (C.G.), India.
Neha Dubey, Shiv Shankar Shukla
Department of Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance, Columbia Institute of Pharmacy, Raipur (C.G.), India.
Ravindra Kumar Pandey
Department of Pharmacognosy & Phytomedicine, Columbia Institute of Pharmacy, Raipur (C.G.), India.


Big data from different sources are the base of medicinal, clinical research & development in current scenario one of the technologies which used is omics technology including genomics, proteomics, metabolomics, transcriptomics, lipidomics & microbolomics etc. All these techniques now become one of the fastest growing tools & technique. The acceleration of covid- 19 research in area of omics is upgraded & changed due to the technologies & its advancements. In bio-manufacturing new drug research can be elicited by using omics technology. Moreover the new lead discovery are also undergoing through the omics. Bioinformatics tools are also useful in development of clinical trials. As we are currently faces one of the biggest pandemic of the century. This covid-19 revealed that how quickly the information can be formed & analyzed by using omics approaches but also have some limitations. Omics study provides a platform of using big data with precision. There were more than 600 structures of proteins of SARs CoV-2 virus can be available in protein data bank(PDB) with various confirmations & binding with different ligands one of the technologies that is known as proteomics is useful in study & development of covid vaccine as a result many of the countries in the world can strongly fight against pandemic. However transcriptomics technology initiates the study of various cancer cells also known as cancernomics one of the resent trends in transcriptomics based cancer studies of breast. In this present review it was target that to provide a brief information regarding system biology, advantages disadvantages, tool techniques & information of omics technology.