Trusted Infrastructure Design for Secure Virtualization in Cloud Computing: A Review


Shiv Kumar Tiwari, Subhrendu G. Neogi,
Amity University, Gwalior, M.P. India.

Ashish Mishra,
Gyan GangaInstitute of Science & Technology Jabalpur M.P. India.

Saurabh Singh, Hameed Khan, Sunil Kispotta, Chhayansh Purohit
Jabalpur Engineering College, Jabalpur, M.P. India.


Virtualization is a fast-growing technology that benefits computer systems, including resource efficiency, mobile software, and reliability. Virtualization may also increase security by allowing distinct operating environments for different applications with varying security requirements. A small trusted computing base (TCB) is especially desirable for safety-critical applications since it reduces the attack surface that might jeopardize the entire system’s security. The TCB program combines hardware and virtual machine monitor (VMM) from the design of shared vision and the whole operating system (OS), which provides device drivers and VM machine control capabilities. Due to its high code base and high risk, it is unacceptable to trust this management system in many systems. Consider the “Operating Computer as a Service” scenario, in which remote customers use a virtual machine (VM) on a remote computer platform to launch a guest operating system and applications. A computer service without OS management on a distant platform would be preferable for many customers. In this article, we are providing a secure running environment with an untrusted OS on a virtual computer platform is addressed. It offers safe virtualization architecture with a certain runtime, network interface, and secondary storage for guest virtual machines. In an untrusted management context, the suggested architecture considerably decreases the TCB of safety-critical guest VMs, resulting in better safety. To show how secure remote computing services might be utilized, we constructed a prototype of the solution using the Xen virtualization platform. We assess the suggested architecture’s performance penalties and find a minimal sentence.