Twitter And Instagram Sentiment Analysis of Covid


Kalpana B N, Neha Panwar, R Shalini, Rishika V, Pooja K, Associate Professor
Dept. of Computer Science Dayananda Sagar University Bangalore, India.


This paper tries to examine the technology utilized in Social Media Sentiment Analysis. Sentiment evaluation, additionally referred to as opinion mining, is a technique that identifies the emotional tone in the back of a textual content. It facilitates businesses to acquire insights from unorganized and unstructured textual content that comes from online assets consisting of emails and social media channels. Sentiment evaluation gear may be utilized by businesses for a number of programs, consisting of figuring out emblem awareness, gathering client comments from social media, websites or online forms. Aspect-based sentiment analysis is the task of identifying opinion polarity towards a specific aspect in a sentence can be divided into two subtasks: aspect-term sentiment analysis (ATSA) and aspect-category sentiment analysis (ACSA). In the past, an extra normally used approach turned into undertaking the time serial set of rules consisting of Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM) or RNN, which commonly wishes extra schooling time and has complicated structures. We will construct a version primarily based totally on gating mechanisms, mixed with convolutional neural networks (CNN) and self-interest mechanisms.