Understanding The Impact Of Ventilation Setting On In-Car Commuter Exposure To Qufp, Pm0.5 And Pm1 In Nct Of Delhi


Vasu Mishra
Department of Environmental Engineering, Delhi Technological University, Delhi, India.


People living in the NCT of Delhi are at constant risk of exposure to air pollutants like PMs, qUFP, UFP, SOX, NOX, CO, CO2 etc. and this exposure risk is further increased during the commute. This research aims to study the impact of ventilation settings on the in-cabin exposure to Fine particles during commute via car. The data for the study werencollected on the same route for two days, in the month of January, using a portable Optical Particle Counter. During the study, it was observed that by simply changing the car’s in-cabin ventilation settings from RC-off to RC-On, we can reduce our exposure to qUFP, PM0.5 and PM1 by 44%, 48% and 50%.respectively. The study also showed that qUFP contributed most to the PNC of Fine Particulates inside the car.