Vehicle Anti-Theft Tracking System Based on Internet of Thing(IoT)


Utkarsh , Keshav Kumar Jha
Department of Mechanical Engineering , KCC Institute of Technology and Management , Gr Noida ,UP, India.


Owing to the growth of cars, auto theft has become a major problem in developed countries. A vehicle-anti-theft monitoring(vat) device may then play a critical role in ensuring its safety. Vehicle theft has been a big concern in recent years, and it must be tracked and identified. The vehicle’s safety and protection are critical. And if there are several current mechanisms, they all have drawbacks and are expensive. As a result, an effective protection framework is needed. This project identifies auto theft. The feature that links the dc motor to the GPS is the GSM. The location of a vehicle was pinpointed with the aid of the wireless-module ESP 8266 and the GPS as well as GSM communication. a GPS system can accurately point out a vehicle at any climate which is a Satellite-based-navigation system, a GPS device gives the latitude and longitude position.