Vehicle Driver Modeling and Simulation Based on Controller Approach


Shwetha Baliga, Assistant Professor, Pavan Santosh N R, UG Student
Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering RV College of Engineering, Bengaluru, India.


Designing a vehicle involves testing the vehicle under realistic simulations and scenarios to see how the vehicle responds. Manually performing all these tests would be expensive and there is also the risk of human life. In this paper, a vehicle driver model is modeled which can be used as a substitute for real drivers in simulations. The motion of the vehicle is considered in two components, longitudinal component, and lateral component. Both these components are implemented using controllers. The model was built using MATLAB Simulink software and using path designer application, different paths were designed and the model was tested on them. The steering angle, velocity, acceleration, deceleration values generated for two test cases are displayed. The path followed by the driver model was also observed.