Vivid analysis of Cloud Computing along with its security issues and challenges


Varun Ravalia, Neha Sehrawat
SGT University, Gurugram, Haryana.


In the modern era, technologies are being used by everyone.” Cloud” refers to a collaborative expression for boundless advancements and progression. Cloud computing is a disruptive technology for providing on-demand access to data and applications from anywhere at any time in the world. Cloud computing incorporates various available innovations and technologies like virtualization, bandwidth networks, Web 2.0, browser interfaces, and time-sharing. Cloud computing enables us to share the resources like storage, applications, services, and networks without physically obtaining them. The data is stored in the databases on the servers and users/clients need to request access by sending the request to these servers. This paper includes the various details of cloud technology, its characteristics, its models alongside the challenges and problems faced in cloud computing. Here the focus is on the theoretical explanation of the cloud, models of the cloud, and the problems in the security and confrontation faced during the exertion of the cloud technology.