Weather monitoring system using internet of things


A Awate, A G Kalhapure, A Tibhe, P Agarwal, A Sengupta, A Padme, M Barhate
Department of Engineering, Sciences and Humanities (DESH) Vishwakarma Institute of Technology, Pune, Maharashtra, India.


The technology used is an innovative way for tracking and analyzing local weather patterns and makes the data accessible from anywhere across the globe. This has been carried out easily using Internet of Things (IoT) technology, which is an effective way to link objects to the internet and connect essential information to globe together in a chain. The system includes sensors used to monitor environmental factors such as temperature, relative humidity, atmospheric pressure and air quality. It then transfers the data to a web page where the collected data is plotted. The updated information from the system in place can be viewed online from anywhere in the world. This work uses a sensor or a parameter to track the required weather data in real time and displays it on a web server. Keywords — Arduino Software, ESP8266, Internet of Things (IoT) Embedded Computing System, Sensors.