Web Services Based Student Outing System


Mrs. M Gayathri, Asst. Professor, Adireddy Indrasenareddy, Bapanapalli Keerthi Priya, B.Tech.,Scholars
Department of Computer Science and Engineering.


The existing hostel system still requires a lot of manual efforts and to reduce it we have implemented an application which digitalizes the process. The student submits a request to the hostel warden about the students’ outing. The warden approves the order, and a notice is sent to the hostel’s security. The status is displayed to security, as well as the specifics of each student’s outings. In this initiative, we will create a website for the hostel that includes features such as student reviews, student in/out details, and a student contact database. The aim of this project is to create a web-based system that can handle a student’s outing application and provide an integrated view of their records while also reducing the amount of time spent handling student in/out information. When a student’s out-pass has been accepted, this system will inform parents, ensuring that they are aware that their child is not in hostel on that particular date.