Workplace Environment and its Impact on the Quality of Life of Employees


Bushra Begum, Assistant Professor, Mohd.Azam, Assistant Professor
Dept of MBA, KIT Kanpur, India.


The workplace is an arranged area which is provided by the company in order to achieve its goal. An arranged area can be defined as the layout of a work space which suits the nature of the job or task that is to be performed. Environment, as we know, is the sum total of all factors that are present in the surroundings. Workplace environment includes the workplace culture, the interpersonal relationships, the atmosphere prevailing in the organizations, attitude of superiors and colleagues, level of organizational politics prevailing, physical facilities offered to employees like cabins, ventilation, lightening, rest hours, workstations etc. All these factors have a significant impact in maintaining the quality of life of employees either positively or negatively. Quality of life is influenced by an individual’s physical and mental health, the degree of independency, the social relationship with the environment, and other factors (Ruževičius, 2012; Shin, 1979) . An organization has possibilities to increase its employee’s quality of life and loyalty by improving the working conditions and environment. This paper will address Workplace Environment and quality of life of employees.