A Comprehensive Study on IoT security problems based on blockchain


Chandigarh university, Ajitgarh, Punjab, India.


IOT refers to other enhancements that integrate with the virtual and related and interactive, and create new digital organizations that build our self-sufficiency. IOT provides several performance, not to mention, collaborations now presenting different issues with the same areas of appeal, security, security, integrity and direct data. These issues are preventive in anticipation of what might come of the success of IOT applications. This study gives a general summary of IOT integration with blockchain development. An internal and external measurement of the combination of block-chain to IOT model has been introduced, which has the advantages of access and will how blockchain will solve IoT concerns. Blockchain designing can be utilized as a help for different IOT applications. This is trailed by a glance at the effect of coordinating man-made consciousness (AI) into IOT and blockchain. At long last, the effect of blockchain on IOT investigation is tended to.